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When a man and woman share a special bond of love, affection and understanding so that there is a unity between their souls and spirits, they bring to themselves and the world a special gift and aura of happiness.

We wish to congratulate you on your engagement and offer our best wishes for you on your wedding day.

The months ahead will be busy ones for you and we are here to make the ceremony portion of your wedding one you don't have to worry about.

Our officiates are here for you and will do what is within their ability to make your day go your way.

We do not restrict or associate our ceremonies with any specific religious denomination. We can perform a non-religious (civil) ceremony if that is what best meets the needs of the Bride and Groom.

An individuals religious or spiritual belief and path to their God or Spirit is a personal choice that needs to be right for them.

Marriage is about love and commitment to one another, not a religious figure. We do however believe a lasting marriage requires like religious beliefs whatever they may be.

We do not require our couples to attend pre-marital coaching. We do not judge our couples regarding past or present societal conventions. We do recommend that all couples be in a long term committed relationships and share the same appreciation and respect for a lifelong commitment.

Marriage requires a commitment to take responsibility for another person. Marriage requires a commitment to respect another person. Marriage requires a commitment to understand another person. All of these commitments require that we give ourselves to another person. By giving, we experience our strength, our vitality, and our power. We experience ourselves as overflowing and alive. The miracle of love has brought you to this point in your lives. And as we often think of marriage as a union of two people, in reality it is much broader, it is the coming together of families.

A loving way to honor the joining of the your families is by inviting them to join in the ceremony by with selected readings.

We also have special union ceremonies that include candle lighting and sand pouring.

Our fees do not include a rehearsal. The purpose of the rehearsal is to familiarize the wedding party of the protocols of the ceremony. These include but are not limited to when to enter, where to stand, when to leave. There are three ways of doing the above items, the traditional way, the modern way and then there is your way which is the right way. Our officiates can be there to act as a wedding coordinator and direct the wedding party as needed. There is a fee associated with this service and is based on availability.

We strive to make your day go your way. We provide the couple with a ceremony that our officiates prefer to use as they are familiar with the wording, however we are pleased to offer the couple the opportunity to customize our ceremony. We are also open to performing a ceremony that you provide but we ask that we receive a copy in advance to allow the officiate ample time to review and practice the delivery to insure the best performance for you.

We do work with contracts, an inquiry is not a confirmation. To guarantee your date and time we must receive your signed contract and required deposit by the return date stated on the contract.

We are more than happy to speak to you and discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding our services. We would be honored to be included in your special day,if you think that we would add that special touch.

May your marriage bring you all the exquisite excitements a marriage should bring.

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Jeff Teate
Phone: 410-734-7090

A Ceremony of Love Weddings

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